Tea Partying; Because Barack is a Socialist

May 4, 2012

Before I was aware that Obama, in fact, used his executive power to REDUCE taxes, I wrote a comparison between the Tea Party and the original Boston Tea Party for U.S. History. It is slightly embarassing, but ‘I enjoy looking back at my roots and showing my progress via my blog here at Secular Morality. Here it is:

The Tea Party movement began in 2009 as a protest against the economic stimulus package. The main goal of this party is to decrease the government’s power in America by cutting taxes and spending. The majority of the Tea Party supporters are conservative, white, male, married, and over 45; they are wealthier and better-educated than the general public. Considering the movement began only 2 short years ago, the Tea Party has been successful in helping increase conservative views throughout the country.

The purpose of the Tea Party movement and the American revolutionary movement are very similar; however, the

problems they were formed to address were caused by very different sources. Both parties were formed by a group of

From the Albuquerque Tea Party on Tax Day

people who felt they government they were under was too strict. The American revolutionary movement was formed to stop the British government from taxing the colonies, due to a massive debt caused by the French and Indian war. Now this is where the difference between the two movements is; the Tea Party was formed to stop a government from overtaxing to fix a debt that the American citizens created themselves, by electing socialist leaders to govern a capitalist country. The Tea Party was formed by a group of individuals wealthier and better-educated than the general public, this is because they strived to succeed in life, and for the most part have succeeded. The American revolutionary movement was an attempt to preserve what they created, and the Tea Party attempt to return America to what it once was; a conservative, anti-communist, consumer based, capitalist country.

(Yes, I did embolden wealthier and better educated in the original)


To show where I am now on my journey through the ever-changing political spiral here is what I posted recently:

Here is a list of the socialist regime’s actions against the people thus far. I have included a “Socialist-o-meter” rating in parenthesis after each of the bullet points.

The first bill signed by President Obama regarding taxes was the American Recovery and Reinvestment Actwhich effectively:

  • CUT taxes for 95% of working class families (0/10)
  • Gave 70% of the tax cuts to the middle 60% of American workers(4/10)

Then we saw The Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Re-authorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 which:

  • Extends middle class tax cuts to prevent a typical working family from facing a tax increase of over $2,000 on January 1 (0/10)
  • Provides a 2% payroll tax cut to 159 million workers – providing the typical working family with an additional $1,000 tax cut (0/10)

The most recent action being  Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 which:

  • Extends unemployment insurance so that millions of Americans who are looking for work will still be able to depend on the vital lifeline of unemployment insurance (6/10)
  • Includes important reforms that the President proposed in the American Jobs Act to help discourage businesses from laying off workers and to connect workers with jobs. (4/10)
Its a shame, my calculator added that up to be 14/60 in socialist points. I spend over $100 on the damned thing and it doesn’t even know that Obama is a socialist! Now, I do understand that Obama intends to raise the taxes on the 2% of Americans who make over $250,000 a year. If one wants to call this socialism, he must also call Eisenhower a socialist also.
Let us compare the two presidents’ income tax policies for the wealthy:

Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican)

  • Marginal Tax Rate on Regular Income over $400,000: 92% – 91%

Barack Hussein Obama (Socialist)

  • Marginal Tax Rate on Regular Income: over $372,950 – over 388,350: 35%

If you feel that any information is inaccurate, feel free to report it. Please prove me wrong, but do not say that I am biased towards Obama without disproving any of the facts I have provided.

Tax Cuts since Proposal A

Tax Cuts since Proposal A (Photo credit: farlane)

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