5 GOOD Things Religion Has Contributed

April 15, 2012

I must admit, I had originally thought of making a list of things evil religion had done. In honor of my Christian followers that have responded to my criticism with genuine, heartfelt responses I decided to post this instead.  Thank you to all my followers, both believers and skeptics, your choice to comment without resorting to ad hominem slanders has helped me enjoy writing even more than I expected.


5. Religion gave us America


Atheist often argue that America is not a Christian nation. Most of the Founders were Deists (they thought the universe had a creator, but that he does not concern himself with the lives of humans, and does not directly communicate with humans) including Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine. They would be correct, but the reason that so many people were willing to travel across a vast ocean was to escape religious persecution. Their dedication to their religion made America possible.

What is even more remarkable about their suffering is that after they had sailed nearly 4,000 miles to escape persecution is that they did not retaliate against their oppressors. They separated Church and State so that even those who caused them harm would not be harmed in return. The teaching of Jesus to “turn the other cheek” is remarkable and I would like to thank every Christian that follows these words. I have adopted that teaching as a philosophy, and I try to forgive those who I feel harm me.

4. Religion gave us incredible artwork

During the Spring of my eighth grade year I had the privilege of going on a class trip (it was referred to as a pilgrimage) and I entered dozens of basilicas that left me absolutely speechless. Christopher Hitchens even admitted that he had an appreciation for the artwork made in honor of God. Unfortunately it seems to me as if religious artwork has been gradually declining in quality and meaning. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the result of people using Christianity to make a profit which, believe me Christians, is one of the greatest push factors of religion.  Something that hurts me to see is the ad hominem “artwork” called “Piss Christ.” I am sorry that some Anti-theists think such an abomination is acceptable. So a tip of the hat goes out to Christians for producing some of the most incredible artwork produced by man.

3. Religion creates wonderful charities and organizations

I found this rather summary list of organizations on the internet:

Salvation Army
Christian Children’s Fund
St. Jude’s Hospital
Habitat For Humanity International
Promise Keepers
World Relief
Remuda (Eating Disorder help)
Christian Aid Canada
Christian Aid USA
International Needs
International Prison Ministry

Some Christian organizations are corrupt, but so are many secular organizations as well. Let us not forget that in the wake of Hurricane Katrina it was churches who stepped  up, even more than the government did. Even though I am an atheist I am Pro-life, and it is the Christians who stand up for life, not the secularists (with the exception of Christopher Hitchens, who was a Pro-life Anti-theist).

2. Religion brings comfort to the terminally ill

As John Lennon asked the World to image there was no Heaven, I now ask you to imagine yourself dying of incurable cancer.

The Missionary Position

Imagine that you had never once been told of Christianity, and the only one who would care for you is Mother Teresa. If you are not familiar with Christopher Hitchens, he wrote a book titled “The Missionary Position” criticizing Mother Teresa. Although I normally agree with him, I think Christopher was wrong in saying that Mother Teresa was a terrible hypocrite.  I know that if I was in terrible pain caused by malnutrition I would be more than happy if someone could convince me that I would live an eternal life filled with comfort when I died.

1. Christianity has spread democracy

America was formed with a very puritan mindset. Let us not forget of “Manifest Destiny” which is the belief that American influence must be spread as a charitable act.

Please comment if you feel any information was either wrong or misleading. Comments are always appreciated, as are shares. I want Christians to know that atheists are not cold-hearted, and I would be extremely happy if this post has changed your opinion about atheists.








The Philosophy of Jesus

April 6, 2012

I have taken an anti-Christian stand in many of my past posts, but that does not mean that I see the teachings of Jesus as evil. I believe many of them are excellent guidelines for living one’s life in an ethical manner. The place I believe Christianity goes wrong is by teaching that Jesus was no mere philosopher, but that he was divine. Since none of the gospel writers ever even met Jesus (the earliest gospel was written about 40 years after Christ died),  it is very possible that Jesus never claimed to be the son of God. Perhaps he preached that we are all God’s children, which would mean that he was, indeed, the Son of God, but only on the level of every human being.

Many of the stories in the Gospels seem to be plagiarized from the Egyptian god, Horus. Let me point out some of the similarities.


Horus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Corcovado jesus

Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Horus vs. Jesus

  • Jesus’ mother Mary is a virgin in two of the Gospels. Horus’ mother was also a virgin.
  • There is no historical evidence that suggests Herod slaughtered the infants, but it is in the Bible. Ironically, Horus’ mother fled to the Nile Delta (Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt) because she feared her brother would kill her son out of jealousy.
  • Horus was known as Har-pa-Neb-Taui (Horus Lord of the Two Lands). Jesus was the Lord of Heaven, and the creator of Earth…
  • Horus became his own father, kind of like the trinity.
  • Horus resurrected Azra from the dead, coincidentally, Azra translates to Lazarus.



Considering the circumstances in which Jesus resembles other gods before him, I think it is fair to say that Christianity would be better of if Jesus was not divine at all. When was the last time someone flew a plane into a tower for Plato, Socrates, or Aristotle? I do not argue that Christian values are perverse, but rather that they should be incorporated into one’s life without fear or promise of reward. To me it seems tragic that so many “Christians” worship God, who they believe to be, by definition, love, more than they they show love in their everyday lives.

All information on Horus was received from: http://www.crystalinks.com/horus.html

Growing Up Enculted – Part 3

April 1, 2012

The Catholic grade school I attended from third to eighth grade, Trinity Academy, subjected me to what I would not hesitate to call psychological abuse. The headmaster had come to America from England and established the school with his wife from Philadelphia. The two of them they found absolutely nothing disturbing about teaching middle school children that homosexuality is one of the worst sins any human could ever commit. I do not hold such a miscarriage of moral thinking against them, for I do believe they felt obligated to teach us such vulgar fallacies on pain of eternal damnation. I remember coming home from school as a middle school student and, whilst doing my homework, taking a pocket knife and cutting a hole into my globe where England was. The reason was that my headmaster’s wife, who happened to be my literature teacher at the time, told me in front of my entire (12 person) class that I was lazy and immature. This remark was because I had not been able to memorize all four pages of the poem Paul Revere’s Ride. I do believe such measures of condescendence on children are, in fact, necessary in order to achieve their ultimate goal, to form children into the warriors of Jesus Christ.

The way to attain the Catholic “Heaven” is to put God’s sense of morality before his own. The story of Abraham’s test is perhaps the

Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553): Adam and ...

Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553): Adam and Eve. Beech wood, 1533. Bode-Museum, Berlin (Erworben 1830, Königliche Schlösser, Gemäldegalerie Kat. 567) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

most controversial story in the Old Testament. If you are not already familiar with it, it is the story in which God instructs Abraham to offer his only son as a sacrifice. Most Christians cleverly remind you that God eventually intervened and stopped to murder of the young boy; therefore, the story clearly demonstrates how good God is. This logic could not be further from the truth. I think this shows that the belief that a god, who you have never seen, but is somehow able to make all your moral decisions better than you could, is extremely dangerous. The most wretched aspect of the Christian God is the punishment inflicted upon those who have sought knowledge or questioned His morals. God introduced Adam and Eve to suffering for eating from the tree of knowledge. Those who questioned the Catholic Church’s teachings during the twelfth century were tortured by Christ’s followers and were done so by the Pope’s authority.

For those who say that this type of human rights violation is no longer present in Catholic teaching, I do not believe you realize what type of morbid childhood is necessary to produce a person capable of disregarding his innate sense of morality. If you were to think of any person throughout all of human history who you believe had no morals, and then look up the details of his or her childhood I can almost guarantee you it was not a very pleasant one. I believe that the more a child’s freedom, knowledge, and self-esteem are oppressed, the more likely the child is to disregard their own morals. The reason people are so terrified of atheism is that they do not know how to make decisions based on their own morality. Christians must become so timid during the course of their childhood that their morality is no longer measured by what they discern to be right and wrong, but by how willing they are to disregard what they believe to be right from wrong.