My Inspiration

I am the eldest  of six children. My youngest sibling was born in the Fall of my Freshman year with a malformed heart and Williams’ syndrome, causing her to spend the next five months in the hospital. Being the oldest I was told it was my responsibility to take on the role of a single parent and take care of my four other siblings. During these five months the only breaks from “parenting” I received were when I was at school, yet my education was hindered by stress, anger, and depression.

Michaela Rose Hill, my beautiful sister.


Such a situation brought me to the realization that helping others was my calling in life. I have just added a sidebar widget powered by SocialVibe that allows you to help support families in situations similar to the one that I went through. I strongly encourage checking the site out to help children and families in need of support.

Link to her Caring Bridge site:


2 Responses to My Inspiration

  1. Might I suggest the experience that revealed to you your “calling in life” might have been orchestrated by one with a greater understanding of your calling than you? Just something of the clearly intelligent mind of yours to nibble on 😉

    Nice blog BTW

    • Ethan Hill says:

      Thank you,
      I am open to the idea of a higher power, but I could not follow a religion that claims that higher power revealed him/herself to me. I’d rather be moral by following my conscience then out of believe that my actions could condemn or reward me in another life.
      AND I like your blog too!

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