An Atheist’s Favorite Saint – Maximilian Kolbe

March 15, 2012

As a child I remember become extremely excited when my grandmother offered to take me to the Marytown Shrine in Chicago. St. Maximilian Kolbe was my idol growing up as a young God-fearing child, and I even chose him as my confirmation saint (Yes I am a confirmed Catholic, I laugh at it too).

But what was it that made Maximilian Kolbe so attractive to me? He was probably even one of the people that contributed to my atheism!

"Take me instead, for I am only a Catholic Priest"

Maximilian Kolbe was at a Concentration camp when a prisoner escaped, since he was not found the Nazi’s killed one of every ten prisoners left in the cell the man escaped from. When a man that was chosen to die cried out that he had a wife and children at home, Maximilian stepped up, not out of religious fear of the Lord, but out of compassion and humility. Maximilian offered his own life instead of the man with children.

As a secularist I believe Maximilian Kolbe, although unknown to most non-Catholics, was one of the greatest men of the 20th century.


Texas A&M researchers discover HIV-killing compound

March 12, 2012

Thanks personalandpolitics. This is why science is incredible.


This past January, researchers at Texas A&M University discovered a compound that kills the HIV virus before it can infect an individual. As an Aggie, I’m very proud my university. This adds to the excellent contributions to society that Texas A&M makes. I only wish this got more media attention than things like a showboating female yell leader candidate.

Research Finds HIV-Killing Compound

A powerful topical preventative for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, could soon be in the works thanks to a newly discovered molecular compound that research at Texas A&M Universityand the Scripps Research Institute shows dissolves the virus on contact.

The ability of the synthetic compound known as “PD 404,182” to break apart the AIDS-causing virus before it can infect cells was discovered by Zhilei Chen, assistant professor in the university’s Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering, and her team of researchers. Their findings appear…

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As if SOPA wasn’t pointless enough, congress now has a bill to impeach Obama

March 11, 2012

As if SOPA wasn’t pointless enough, congress now has a bill to impeach Obama

I swear, some of these bills are lobbied for by comedians in order to have constant material to poke fun at. If that theory is wrong, then we will just have to accept how low our government officials will go to get extra attention.

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