The Importance of Love

March 30, 2012

I am the eldest  of six children. My youngest sibling was born in the Fall of my Freshman year with a malformed heart and Williams’ syndrome, causing her to spend the next five months in the hospital. Being the oldest I was told it was my responsibility to take on the role of a single parent and take care of my four other siblings. During these five months the only breaks from “parenting” I received

Michaela Rose Hill, my beautiful sister.

were when I was at school, yet my education was hindered by stress, anger, and depression.

Such a situation brought me to the realization that helping others was my calling in life. I have just added a sidebar widget powered by SocialVibe that allows you to help support families in situations similar to the one that I went through. I strongly encourage checking the site out to help children and families in need of support.

Link to her Caring Bridge site:


670 People Executed for Homosexuality and Other “Crimes”

March 12, 2012

The death penalty is often criticized in America, where it exists only as a punishment for the most perverse and morbid offenses.  Heck, even Jeffrey Dahmer, who was convicted for the rape and murder of 14 men and boys, was not eligible for the death penalty.

It is a culture shock to realize that Iran executed 670 people in 2011 for homosexuality, drugs, and speaking ill of Islam. For more on the information on these executions visit:

Kony 2012 – “Fad” Morality is Failed Morality

March 8, 2012

The most recent viral video, KONY 2012 (, has caused an uproar among people all across America. The intent of this 30 minute video is to raise awareness of the injustices done by Kony, an African leader in Uganda. Raising moral awareness on this scale is nearly unprecedented, and it brings the indifference of 1st World citizens to light. The fact that Kony has kidnapped and forced male children to become soldiers, and female children to become prostitutes is clearly a violation of human dignity; however,  I believe that America’s ignorance of African suffering is an even greater threat to human dignity. Hundreds of millions of American citizens were caught off-guard. Had they devoted even three hours of their lives to educate themselves on international injustice, they would have realized that this sort of evil occurs on a daily basis all around the World.  It seems to me that the format of this video is meant to entertain more than to raise awareness, degrading any form of true morality.

Although the video does bring much needed awareness to the 1st World attitude of indifference to suffering, the goal of the video is extremely misleading. The video encourages a mindset that suggests Kony is the biggest offender to human dignity in the World, and also suggests that this sort of immorality is uncommon. Many writers, whether it be Hitchens exposing injustice in the Middle East or Marx exposing oppression of the proletariat, have attempted to bring the message that humans suffer every day far beyond any American’s expectations. The World does not need a movement to liberate an isolated injustice, but an awareness that suffering is a very real problem, even in the 21st century.