March 9, 2012

Very interesting article.

Nina's Garden

I live – more or less – in Vancouver BC, Canada.

I spent many family outings at Stanley Park which at one time, included a train ride around a variety of wildlife enclosures – wolves, flamingos – and a zoo with monkeys and a reptile house and the Vancouver Aquarium.

In 1964, Vancouver British Columbia was the first city to have a captive living Orca.

Before 1965 – the name Killer Whale was said with fear – we did not understand the creatures of the sea – and frankly, we don’t really understand them any better than we did then.

Now – this is the APPALLING story behind Moby Doll:

A man was commissioned to do a life size sculture of a Killer Whale or as they are more properly referred to – an Orca Whale – the largest dolphins in the ocean.

Now – not having any photographs to…

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