Women’s Right to Equal Pay Repealed in Wisconsin

April 19, 2012

If you are not up to date with the situation in Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker (R) was elected in 2010 and repealed teacher’s collective bargaining rights in order to “balance the budget.” Since he had made no mention of this plan before he ran, Wisconsinites organized a Recall Walker campaign, and there will be a recall election this Fall. Now he has gone to far.

Without even making a statement, Walker signed a bill on April 5th which repealed  2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act. He finally explained his reasoning when he was asked about the bill saying that lawyers were using the law to “clog up the legal system.”

“In the past, lawyers could clog up the legal system,” Walker said. “Instead, the state Department of Workforce Development gets to be the one that ultimately can put people back and give them up to two years back pay if there is reason to believe there was pay discrimination in the workforce.”

The 2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act was passed to prevent employees from being discriminated against by their employers by allowing women to press charges more easily. Instead of going to the more expensive federal court, women were able to take their cases to the state court system.

Women start seeing discrimination in the workplace as soon as they get out of college.  The American Association of University

Scott Walker on February 18, 2011

Scott Walker on February 18, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Women found that women earned 5 percent less than their male counterparts the first year out of college. After ten years, even if women and men keep working on par in their jobs, women earn 12 percent less.

This action only proves that Walker is willing to run over anything if he thinks he could save a bit of money. Teachers rights?! Who needs those? Unfortunately the men and women who have the tremendous responsibility to educate the states’ children need them. His policies contributed to the 4,600 private sector jobs lost in Wisconsin last month. I started out supporting him, but it is clear to me that there is no way to have a clear conscience and simultaneously support this man.


White Supremacist Charged for Killing a Black Man With His Truck

March 22, 2012

James Craig Anderson was run over by 19 year old Deryl Dedmon last June. James was a 47 year old blackman who had no prior connections with Deryl, he just happened to be the first black man Deryl and his group of white racist friends came across.

My personal theory on the extraordinarily cruel racism that still occur on a day-to-to basis comes from the Stanford experiments conducted in the 1970’s. They gave evidence to suggest that one is not born evil, but when one is put into a situation where he can choose evil he will be more likely to do so. Deryl had been risen in an environment where racism was able to be conducted with little to

Opposition poster for the 1866 election. Geary...

no consequences. He had to cross a bridge to go “man-hunting” because he lived on the “white” side of town.

Yes, we have come a long way since Hiester Clymer ran on a white supremacy platform in 1866. This does not, however, mean that we have put an end to racism.

A recent exit poll revealed that only 52% of  people who voted in the deep south’s Republican primaries believed interracial marriage should be legal.

The Mormon religion believed that black people were Cain’s descendants, eternally marked with blackness until 1970.

And then there are things like this:

The majority of African Americans did not vote for Barack Obama because of the color of his skin. They voted for him because he understood that schools must be improved, and for every child, not just the children whose parents could afford it. They voted for him because they knew under the current system those who inherit money do not have to work a day of their life, but can invest it and have it make money for them. They voted for him because he did not support unjustified wars.

I believe it is important to realize that this sentiment exists within people, and it is only fostered under their current environment. Please, do your best to end the cycle of perpetual poverty and unending racism.