Leaked Video: Live Goats’ Legs Cut Off With Tree Trimmers

Leaked Video: Live Goats’ Legs Cut Off With Tree Trimmers.

Yes, PETA has some extreme stances (against owning pets for example) but this is a video and article that I felt was too gruesome to be tossed aside as an “extremist cause.”

I hate re-blogging. I’m sorry it isn’t my own work but in an area I feel strongly about I would rather have people that have devoted their lives give you the rest of the details.


7 Responses to Leaked Video: Live Goats’ Legs Cut Off With Tree Trimmers

  1. Donald Miller says:

    Hi Ethan.

    Well, I’m certainly not going to watch a goat get his legs cut off like that. Too horrible to think about, let alone watch. Maybe you could fill me in on who did this. I mean was it part of some strange religious sect’s activity?

    • Ethan Hill says:

      U.S. Military, unfortunately. Intended for “training,” whatever that means. It is just awful.

      • Donald Miller says:

        I know I risk coming off like a real jerk by saying this, but I did watch the video and read the article. I can understand why they do that to the animals. As for the joking part, when I first read that I thought it must be some crazed sadists. But no. I don’t think so.

        It’s got to be horrific when you’re a medic and you first come across a human being–one of our soldiers–who’s been blown to partial bits by a bomb and you have to work on trying to keep him from dying. It’s certainly not a job I’m cut out for, but someone has to do it. And that someone has to be able to do it without completely freaking out.

        I don’t think a simulator could make anyone understand the horror of treating these kinds of injuries in real life. War is hell. That’s something else I’m grateful that I didn’t have to be engaged in.

        Just my honest opinion on the subject, for whatever it’s worth.

  2. Donald Miller says:

    I think I’ll have to take back the comment I made about — “think[ing] a simulator could make anyone understand the horror of treating these kinds of injuries in real life.

    I’m sure there are plenty of people who wouldn’t be bothered at all by seeing severe injuries. I was making the comment subjectively, because it would bother the heck out of me.

  3. --Rick says:

    Sometimes, in order to help people understand the actual horror that mankind is capable of or actions that an enemy inflicts on those he wars with, one must see the violence in context with reality to understand the ramifications affecting those left to deal with the aftermath.

  4. Mom says:

    this is absolute monstrosity-what horrible people these men and anyone or organization that controls them are! why isnt this NEWS on CNN WHY

  5. i see the alleged argument justifying the chopping up and rugged dismantling of a goat…this is teaching with raw reality being the case by US Military ?…

    seems to me there are lots of military personnel…so just how goats are used per class ?

    a video may depict some things…but it hides more than it ever reveals….its just a video and captures only a moment, never the whole story and for me to believe this is a teaching method of necessity to impart as close as possible real world issues, smeals, scents & sounds as ‘ prep work ‘ before one hits the field is a little far fetched

    …but for me as per usual i’ll believe it when i see it and if this is class 101 hard core reality, i’d have to attend

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