John 3:18 – What Jesus Says After 3:16

It is very difficult to drive on American streets without noticing at least one of the famous John 3:16 bumper stickers.

A picture of a bible reference on the bottom o...

One would not even be surprised to see a reference to the verse on the bottom of a restaurant cup (see picture)! So, just what does this verse contain? Many of those reading this may already know it by heart, but here it is:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

What benevolent words does Jesus speak next? Well actually he says…

 “Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but

whoever does not believe stands condemned already

because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.” (John 3:18)

This post is a plea to all free-thinkers. Share the message of John 3:18 as vehemently as it was spread by our Christian brothers and

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sisters. Let them know that Bill Gates, who lost the title of richest man in the World after he gave away more than $28 billion to charity, has already been condemned to hell by the words merely two lines after the most quoted bible verse in America.

Please share this article, and start the free-thinking movement of John 3:18. Add the hashtag #John3:18 on Twitter, write it on dollar bills, make people explore their own religion.

Also, I hope to offer wristbands and bumper stickers when this movement becomes embraced by free thinkers everywhere.



7 Responses to John 3:18 – What Jesus Says After 3:16

  1. uglicoyote says:

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    Lets start a free thinking revolution, share all the words of the bible, not just the nice sounding ones.

  3. hawkdad73 says:


    I’m sharing it.

  4. h31vry5 says:

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    Defiantly worth Reblogging!!!
    Spread the words!!!!

  5. PalomaGenios says:

    You have a great site…and some intelligent conversation and insights….however…!.
    With respect to this post specifically I would hasten to add…if you are asking people to read the next verse of 3:18, you should continue on with this line of reasoning and add the continuing verses 3:19, 3:20, and 3:21 to remain in context.

    The whole of this discussion is a conversation that Jesus began with Nicodemus, a Jewish leader, a Pharisee. (And if you understand anything about Judiasm, the Pharisees were reverred for their zealous keeping of The Law of Moses…which means they were steeped in every morsel of the understanding of God).

    He came to Jesus secretly in the night and specifically mentions that “he knows by the miraculous miracles” that God has sent him. (Secretly because he didn’t want his contemporaries to toss him out of the synagogue for believing). They got into a discussion of “what did Jesus mean about being born again” and “how” was this possible? Jesus points to the history of what the Jewish believers knew from Moses in 3:14, and relates it to himself in 3:15: “so that everyone who believes in him will have eternal life.”

    He continues with 3:16 as a summation of why …”God so loved the world”…(you could paraphrase this if you are a parent by saying :I jumped in front of a train to save my son’s life: meaning you loved your child so deeply you would sacrifice your own to save the child)….and then how, …”that he gave up His only begotten son”….and then why….”so that anyone who believed would not perish (which in the original langauge means to die completely and eternally) but have eternal life” (which means the life you live beyond this mortal interlude.

    He says in 3:17….again a a summation, that God sent His son to save man from judgement. (Which means that there has/had been already in place a judgement in place. The best analogy here would be an outstanding arrest warrant for a fine that you that you werent aware of. After being picked up and standing before the court, Jesus comes in the side door, walks up to the judge, pays the fine and turns to you and says: Paid in Full. You have an option. Believe it is paid. Or debate it. Jesus says I paid it, Believe in what I hhave done. Some do. Some choose not to believe and begin to argue with the court!

    So then onto 3:18. “There is no judgement against anyone who believes in him.” But, ANYONE WHO DOES NOT BELIEVE in him has already been judged FOR NOT BELIEVING IN GOD’S ONE AND ONLY SON. (The one who came in to the court room and paid your fine for you even though you didn’t ask)….

    And then onto 3:19…..The Big WHY? : “And THE JUDGEMENT IS BASED ON THIS FACT: (Notice how he uses court-speak?)..God’s light (meaning Jesus himself) came into this world, but people loved the darkness more than the light, for their actions were evil….

    and onto 3:20…”All who do evil hate the light”…. (obvious analogy: who does a cocaine deal in front of a police station?;they know in their heart it is wrong so they hide in an alley)…”and refuse to go near it for FEAR THEIR SINS will be exposed.” [In other words their judgement remains-hence the term “they are already judged”. John 3:16 is actually a positive message as it means “I want to lift the judgement that is already in place over your life.”

    then 3:21: “But those who do what is right come to the light”… (those who chose to believe that Jesus paid the fine in the court house),…” so that others”… (you and I and the rest of the world) …”can see that they are doing what God wants”.(God wants all to accept the fact that Jesus came into court and paid your fines for sin by saying: I believe.

    So. That is the WHOLE story of 3:16. It is a complete discussion and ultimate message between two men about what the purpose of God is and how and why it is put in place. As he relayed to Nicodemus: Choosing is Optional. Consequences are not.

  6. PalomaGenios says:

    And Yes sorry to add.,,..

    Bill Gates and every other soul of the face of the globe has a decision to make. Equating charitable giving of X Billions to their esteemed value and worthiness of a better seat in Heaven would be considerably weighted against 99.999% of the population.

    This is why you cannot use any other person as the litmus test of what is good or better or best to get into Heaven. What if someone gives billions away publically but privately beats his wife, assaults his children, cusses out his dog like a drunken sailor and molests the neighbors’ kid and pays hush money to everyone….God would have some serious explaining to do to the rest of us!

    God’s solution was Himself. I am perfect. You are not. But I will offer myself as the perfect sacrifice. If you accept that. I will overlook your short comings, accept your repentance, and receive you as clean and unblemished, able to enter into Eternity with Me.

    I hope to see Bill Gates when I get there….and you too! You’ll get to chat for a million years, and then some!>


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