Shooter Kills 7 and Wounds 3 in yet Another University Rampage

Yesterday, Monday, April 2, 2012, Oikos University in Oakland saw a man with the last name of Goh kill 7 students. The man had been working on his nursing degree.

University shootings have gradually become mundane events in America. Could it be because students are being indoctrinated as Santorum suggests? I hope not, considering it was a Christian school. For more on this tragic story visit

This event prompted me to do research on just how often violent acts actually happen at schools. The numbers, although still discouraging, have been declining for years. My question is, why?

The numbers can be found here:

I strongly suggest checking them out. Please leave any comments or answers to why this is happening!


5 Responses to Shooter Kills 7 and Wounds 3 in yet Another University Rampage

  1. Matthew says:

    It’s a violent country, with a news media that stirs up hatred, and we have ready access to guns. I’m almost surprised that it doesn’t happen more often.

  2. It happens because people, when they are young are generally pretty screwed up. I was. It’s a part of life and you grow out of it. Take screwed up, add easy access to weapons, and rather then having lots of depressed people running around you’ve got these horrible shootings.

  3. ssgt leslie says:

    yes, it is a horrible and tragic, do people really value life anymore. since i came back from my deployment/combat, i see things differently…thanks for your post…

    • Ethan Hill says:

      Being 16, I have never been able to serve my country in combat, but reading “A Farewell To Arms” has made me respect life more than ever before. I am extremely glad to see someone who has served our country reading my blog and I want to thank you for your service. You guys do not get the appreciation you deserve.

      • ssgt leslie says:

        your welcome ethan, for a young man, you bright and intelligent, good thoughts and write well. in a humble way, thank you for your support, for me personally, i dont ask for much from our country considering the state of mind, morals, and values they have. i did 26 years in the military for to protect our country. now it is time for me to give back through the blogs and volunteer work at the local veterans hospital when time permits. keep up the wonderful writing you do.

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