Are You Going to Bite Little Doggy?

With the 2012 presidential election around the corner, many American’s try to figure out what they have missed in the last four years. Of course, there will be many on the Right who believe Obama has taxed this country into oblivion. They will  believe that Obama alone is responsible for the rising gas prices. So the question remains, what has Obama done?

Logotipo da campanha de Barack Obama

Logotipo da campanha de Barack Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obama has actually cut taxes. Sure this helps keep American wallets a little bit fatter, but I would rather see taxes raised. Bill Maher,


taxes (Photo credit: 401K)

although he donated $1,000,000 to Obama’s re-election efforts, has been very critical of some of Obama’s decisions. Maher argued that this country needs a 3rd party, a real leftist party. I support a nationalized health care system, but I do not support a health care system that no one contributes to.

Part of the Social Contract that must be present in a socialized system must include requirements an individual must meet to be taken care of by society. It is not enough to be entitled to benefits because you were born in America.

So do I agree with the Right? Yes.

The solution, however, is not to throw out healthcare. It is to require something in exchange for healthcare.

So Obama, stop barking. Bite.


13 Responses to Are You Going to Bite Little Doggy?

  1. sunnythesurd says:

    Very Interesting viewpoint. You are one of the few Americans i have come across who uses the word socialist. I was on the Right when it came to Economics however due to the fact i spent about 15 months in the U.K. i started understanding the concepts of “social justice” “income-redistribution” etc. Havent completely bought it but have tweaked my thoughts and have become a centrist. The problem for you in trying to convince your fellow Americans, in my opinion, is circumstances. The reason Europe is more into issues such as social justice etc is because of the destruction their societies faced during WWI and WWII. America, fortunately or “unfortunately as some in England joke”, did not suffer any phyical attacks on the mainland. Infact its industries etc benefited as the US was the only economy able to function normally in the aftermath of the WWII during the rebuilding of Europe and Japan. Hence due to the success of US Corporates and Businesses during this phase “the free market ideals” are enshrined in most Americans.

    • Ethan Hill says:

      Have you seen the “Kony 2012” Youtube video? It frustrates me that Americans can watch a 30 minute long video on the internet and then feel as though they are “helping the World.” The problem in America is that most Americans have never thought twice about war. It is a reality, yet many people’s perception of reality in America is grossly misinformed. I hope to study in the UK for at least a year before I finally settle down, I want to expand my worldview as much as possible.

  2. cmunal says:

    The problem with a socialized healthcare is that it distributes care on the basis of need and not on who actually earned it. If we live in a society where all your amenities are guaranteed why would you want to work? People need to learn to stand on there own and take care of themselves. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

    On issue of taxes, why not cut spending instead of passing the burden onto an already burdened economy? My idea of a government is ideally one that only provides for a national defense because the free markets have proven to be vastly more efficient in all other areas of economy including healthcare.

    • Ethan Hill says:

      I subscribed to the same libertarian views as you do for a long time, but if people are forced to contribute to society in order to receive benefits then the people will not be bound by businesses or corporations, but by the society as a whole.

      • cmunal says:

        You say if people are “forced” to contribute to society they will receive benefits. I don’t believe it is to anyone’s benefit to be “forced” to do anything. If I don’t receive 100% of what I rightfully earn I am a slave. Socialism is a system of slave drivers where the productive work to satisfy the needs of those who refuse to help themselves. To what advantage is it to be productive in a society where you receive no fruits of your labor?

      • Ethan Hill says:

        It is not “no” fruits. You seem to be under the impression that socialism means a Stalin-like ruler taking all your money. Untrue, socialism is why Switzerland is great. You are only “forced” to contribute if you want to become a citizen. If one wishes not to join the society he does not have to.

      • cmunal says:

        Switzerland is a wealthy country because it is considered a tax haven. Because of its relatively low tax rates it allows for private businesses to foster growth. It also has the highest European rating in Economic Freedom Index. Switzerland is great, but not because of socialism.

  3. azleader says:

    What we need is health care reform and cost containment. What we got was something different, imho.

    • Ethan Hill says:

      Well, we got health care reform sans cost containment.

      • JohnSmart says:

        We got nothing, Ethan. Obama’s HC promises from 07/08 we’re thrown overboard after he won. We got a wildly unpopular, joke bill that paid off Obama’s biggest donors and forced him to flip flop on campaign promises. (I know they Obama myth is that it was all “small donors” but it was actually health care insurers and goldman sacks who gave the most to Obama in 08)

        It’s likely it won’t be the law of the land come June 30. If it is – it won’t survive the blow back. Obama care was not an “accomplishment” it was 2 people’s (Barry and Michelle) egos being forced on us. On a gut level people know this. Read about how the bill was passed. Find out who was visiting the WH in March April of 09. Think about why there is no severability clause. (which is odd) Hell. read Obama’s own slamming of Clinton’s call for a mandate in 2008. Read up on how Michelle Obama made her living before BHO became a U.S. Senator….then review who “wins” in the bill again…it all makes far more sense.

        Obama’s major “accomplishment” is:

        A. not really an accomplishment at all. It’s a payoff.

        B. either won’t withstand the court. Or, if it does, at least 20 states will go into full on revolt over it. If it’s upheld Romney wins big, the GOP takes the Senate, keeps the House and it’s thrown out to the majorities great relief.

        C.For liberals Obamacare is probably the biggest disaster of our time. Obama in WH, Dems control Senate and House. super majority in Senate for a solid 12 months. And we got….uh…kinda nothing really….a few nicer requirements…otherwise a law that won’t work, and is probably illegal. Why wasn’t the “sausage making” we all witnessed used to force a public option? which is clearly constitutional. Why did Obama flip flop on the P.O.? Why did Obama cave to Big Pharma and Big Insurance on the mandate at all? QUESTION OBAMA just like you would Bush.

        If the court chucks the thing out…which seems rather likely after this week…then we’ll have nothing close to what we’ve wanted since 1930 or so. GOP house, Probable GOP Senate, either Obama or Romney…we’ll be back to square one, only worse. If the court keeps the thing in tact, Obama will lose, GOP will take over and the thing will be nullified.

        the idea that Obama accomplished something with that law is another delusion low information liberals massage themselves with. Obama accomplished paying off Blue Cross etc with a mandate that is toxic…while ruining chances for real, progressive reform for 30-50 years. That is an accomplishment, but it’s not one liberals should be happy about.

        Moral liberals must realize this: Obama is an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a few bills. That is all….or if the imagery is better for you.. Obama is a Trojan horse. He works for the same types Bush worked for. He’s just “left” enough to get keep certain low information liberals in line. Plus he looks like the pre conceived notion of what “their” President looks like.

        Vote 3rd party. Any 3rd party.

  4. JohnSmart says:

    I can never vote for Obama. Nor will I vote for Romney. THe NDAA is far worse than what Bush/Cheney ever thought of doing. It baffles me than anyone on the Left could ever consider voting for Obama after that. It is amoral. It is antithetical to everything liberals once stood for. Only the ACLU seems to have kept it’s moral core about this. I know Obama “will never enforce” indefinite detention for Americans. Gee, he said so himself and he never lies! Yeah… right…also he’ll fight for the public option…and not blink on the bush tax cuts…is a strong supporter of public financing….and and and…Obama signed a law that violates everything moral people must oppose. The Obama Left registered barely a peep of protest. Amoral. Unethical in the extreme. I am much more hesitant to scream at Republicans now. I see the double standard liberals apply sine the toxic advent of Barack Obama. This is usually an unconscious double standard, that takes huge amount of cognitive dissonance.

    (Limbaugh is a horrible human for saying “slut”, Maher is just joking around when he says “cunt”….as a life long liberal I can promise you that the “comedy” defense for degrading women is entirely new and novel. So Obama did give liberals this…this is change. nice. )

    The “lesser of two” evils is a trap. It will kill us. Obama is a trojan horse who has removed basic civil liberties for all Americans, who has allowed banks to skate, who sold the last chance for HC reform down the river to big insurance, who has given lip service to reform while whoring out the government the the worst elements of the banking and financial sector. Romney is no better.

    Vote 3rd party. ANY 3rd party.

  5. Nate says:

    I’m a little surprised at the tone from most of the comments so far. I don’t think the Affordable Care Act is the best possible health law, but I don’t think it’s as disastrous as some people make out. A single payer system would have been better, but I do think it was politically untenable in 2009. Unfortunately, it’s only become worse since then. It’s true that the mandate may be overturned, and it’s tragic that we only went that way to keep the system market-based as a consolation to the Republicans. I hope it stands, though. I think the law is an improvement over what we had before, and it will hopefully be a good platform for future health care legislation. I’m definitely voting for Obama in 2012 — he’s far superior to the alternatives, in my opinion.

    You mentioned that you wouldn’t support a system unless everyone chipped in — I agree with you in principle, but I’m not optimistic about the feasibility of that ideal. Unfortunately, there are always people who will game the system, and it’s very hard (and expensive) to completely prevent it.

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