Thomas Jefferson: The Liberal, Slave-owning, Founder of the Constitution (Yes I did Say Liberal)

For those politicians who claim to be more Jeffersonesque, if you will, than their opponents, it seems you may need to review your history books a few more times. Now, certainly I would not expect to write about the fact that he owned slaves and expect my readers not to already have this knowledge, but I would like to stress the first word used to describe Jefferson in the title, yes, Liberal.

When a group of people  is asked to name a president who showed complete disregard for the constitution one is likely to find that the Democrats will cite George Bush’s invasion of the Middle East, and the Republicans will shout about birth-control (No, this is not Fox, I do not claim to be “Fair and Balance”). But none of the founding fathers wouldn’t bypass congress entirely to change the fate of our nation forever… would they?

The great Thomas Jefferson (Don’t get me wrong I think he was one of the greatest men this country has ever seen in office) did bypass congress entirely and spent millions of dollars to nearly double the size of the United States. That’s right, the Louisiana Purchase happens to be one of the most unconstitutional events in U.S. history.


Louisiana_Purchase_1904_Issue-10.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Where would the United States be now without the Louisiana Purchase? Clearly not a better one. The reason Jefferson was forced into bypassing congress was because the deal would not stand the duration of the process (looks like congress has always been slow…). So the moral of the story? Sometimes the Constitution is better off broken. Considering that free states are still required to return escaped slaves back to their original owners I think there are definitely a few erroneous things (a lot actually) still hidden within the Supreme Law of the Land.



5 Responses to Thomas Jefferson: The Liberal, Slave-owning, Founder of the Constitution (Yes I did Say Liberal)

  1. mpbulletin says:

    Interesting bit o’ history isn’t that? The president many on the Right like to tout as the states’ rights champion was the first to expand the powers of the executive branch. And it’s interesting how it tends to be GOP president’s who take those expansions of power yet they blame Democrats for doing that very thing.

    Nice post!

  2. Jefferson was indeed l -iberal but not necessarily L- iberal.

  3. George Bush declared war on Afghanistan through the passing of Senate Joint Resolution 23 that passed with a vote of 98-0, and further through the House with a vote of 420-1…

    Again, HE declared War on Iraq through the passing of H.J. Resolution 114. House voted 296-133, Senate voted 77-23 in FAVOR.

    Look, talk politics all you want, and put your own spin on ANY topic, but know facts before you claim a President did something Unconstitutional. The wars you so intimately oppose were approved through the House and Senate. Both of them…

    I am curious, even with your Left leaning Blog, how you came to the conclusion that Bush did something unconstitutional by somehow unilaterally declaring war while having Congressional Approval?

    – Me

  4. says:

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