Top Five Funniest Fox News Articles Of the Week: Edition 1

I am starting a new weekly article(I intend to publish it every Sunday) which will include what I believe are the top ten funniest Fox News articles/article titles of the previous week and include the link to that article. So, Liberals(or Conservatives who can look past personal grievances…) Subscribe and enjoy!!

5. Santorum says ‘bad math’ makes Romney’s lead look bigger (3/25/2012)

This is, of course just another article pointing out how brilliantly Santorum processes things. It seems to me as if the article is

Santorum Drops By Iowa State Fair

Santorum Drops By Iowa State Fair (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

starting to suggest that Romney will ultimately be the candidate backed by Fox. (Just kidding, Fox is Fair and Balanced…)

4. Gingrich Suggests Obama Gives People Reason to Believe He’s Muslim (3/23/2012)

Among the reasons that Gingrich cites that Obama leads people to believe he is a Muslim are:

  • Apologizing to Muslims (?)
  • Taking Anti-Christian Stances (…Oh! You must mean protecting women from ovarian cancer!)
  • And he calls Obama’s presidency a very strange one

3. What’s behind naughty TV titles? (3/25/2012)

I think this article tries to tell you that dirty television series titles bring more views from this corrupt society?

2. Teen’s porn star date to prom scuttled by district officials (3/21/2012)

Lets’s blame it on Obama… Just kidding, Fox taking no ones side here. An article without spin. WOHOO!


1. Dog saves Florida girl from attack by registered sex offender

Sex offenders are not funny, but the title… well it was funny enough to take #1.


2 Responses to Top Five Funniest Fox News Articles Of the Week: Edition 1

  1. Obama’s presidency “is” very strange. I believe his 2nd term will prove it. Attacking Church “rights” and saying they don’t matter “is” a religious freedom issue. people need to be more self-responsible. Everybody wants a handout these days. What has happened to our independent pioneering spirit?

    • Donald Miller says:

      It was particularly strange when he had Osama bin Laden killed. AND then to find out that bin Laden wanted the president killed was also strange.

      Isn’t it terrible when friends turn on each other like that?

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