I don’t support legalizing gay marriage

I don’t support legalizing gay marriage.

A very Libertarian article, and one of the reasons I became a Libertarian. (And now I’m a communist, go figure…)



3 Responses to I don’t support legalizing gay marriage

  1. kurleekaytee says:

    haha! You had me there for a second! I’ve always felt that marriage shouldnt be about legality. First off, I dont want anyone to be with me because they are legally bound to me. My parents stayed together for much longer than they should have because it was just too much work and too expensive to divorce. Its insane. That being said, Im sure there are laws in place to “protect” the woman I guess. Becasue, if the woman is usually the one staying home to raise the children, (I know thats becoming more uncommon, but its still how things used to always be), then what protection would she have under the law if the man just decided to leave?
    But, as a gay woman, I hate that my relationship wont ever be seen as legit in some eyes.

    hmm… I feel a blog post about this coming on soon… haha

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