What America Can Learn From Germany’s Newly Elected Anti-Communist President

Joachim Gauck was elected president of Germany Sunday, taking an overwhelming 991 of the 1,232 ballots cast. What is interesting, however, is that he ran independent of any political party.

Although I differ with Gauck on Marxism, I think that Americans may have much to learn from Germany. From the time a child is born in America he or she is told to fit into a specific category of people. The same is true in American politics. For example, Santorum believes that sometimes it is necessary to “take one for the team.” There should be no teams in politics, but I do believe that political parties are sometimes inevitable as admitted by Thomas Paine. The issue in America is that people vote according to their team, and not according to moral conviction. For some reason it has become acceptable to support candidates who will vote on issues because their peers tell them to do so.

If peer pressure is not an acceptable excuse in high school, it should not be used as an excuse by our leaders.


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