Arizona Principle let go for Being a Lesbian

When the  Paradise Valley Unified School District governing board voted 5-0 not to renew principle Cynthia Davis’ contract, many students appeared before the board to protest and give testament to the wonderful job she had done as principle. Some students and parents were so outraged that it took police intervention to draw them away from the board meeting.

It seemed as though the assertion that she was not getting her contract renewed because of her unsatisfactory, “leadership ability and style,” was not factually supported. Unfortunately the tears shed by students had no affect on the school board’s decision.

Things got even more interesting when it came out that Cynthia may have been released for her “lifestyle.” It is one thing when a principle openly displays her same sex attraction to students, and I can see why some (bigoted) people may find that to be unacceptable. It is another when a principle has a sexuality that she keeps to herself and does not encourage others to embrace her sexuality.

Neither of these were the case with Cynthia.

Cynthia had not only separated her private and professional life, but she had not been in a gay relationship since 2005. I find it appalling that a person can deemed corrupt  for being true to their own sexual identity, especially when that person contributed as much as Cynthia did for her students.


8 Responses to Arizona Principle let go for Being a Lesbian

  1. h2dog says:

    Ethan, I want to commend your writing.
    I likely don’t agree with everything you say,… but then again, I think that we both know that I don’t have to.
    And that’s what makes for real discussion and problem solving.
    Thanks, and keep the direction.
    Cynthia, I would bet, is stronger than most. She’ll land on her feet.

    • Ethan Hill says:

      I believe she will to, in the interviews they did with her she represented the LGBTQ community very well. I believe she made a good impression on a great number of people, and it won’t be long before America becomes more tolerant.

  2. nme16 says:

    Thank you for this. More needs to be said like this about the insanity that is taking place in Arizona.

  3. uglicoyote says:

    I love your blog Ethan. You’re doing a great job. A spelling tip: the principal is your “PAL”

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