The Right’s Ignorance of the Consequences of Their Own Plans

When one looks at Rick Santorum’s First 100 Days Economic Freedom Agenda the first thing he says he will do to improve the economy is:

UNLEASH AMERICA’S ENERGY: I’ll approve the Keystone Pipeline for jobs and energy security.  I’ll sign an order unleashing America’s domestic energy production without picking winners and losers on Day One.  I’ll allow states to choose where they want to explore for oil and natural gas and to set their own regulations for hydrofracking.

While I believe the Keystone Pipeline is something that should be approved I would like to call attention to the last part of this plan. Hydrofracking.

Allow me to explain hydrofracking to you. Blast chemicals into the ground in order to make a hole to take oil from. While I am not as concerned about natural gas’s effect on the environment, I am concerned about how desperate we have become. These chemicals poison the air, water supply, and animals in the surrounding area. I also have to include HUMANS in that list.

While the right may not care about animals, I beg that they will stop when there is a direct impact on humans as well.


One Response to The Right’s Ignorance of the Consequences of Their Own Plans

  1. mistasir says:

    There is a good documentary called Gasland that investigates communities affected by fracking. A very interesting and timely film.

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