Children that Cannot Afford Education, Probably do not Work Hard Enough

Capitalism has been associated with freedom, opportunity, risk, success; the list goes on and on. Communism is often associated with the complete loss of individuality. It seems, however, that a college that costs $40,000 sans room and board is the furthest thing from opportunity. With 1 in 6 children in Milwaukee living in poverty, the notion that America is a land of opportunity seems awfully far-fetched.

I am fortunate enough to attend a high school with tuition exceeding ten-thousand dollars per year. For years I had been under the opinion that Capitalism was what made higher education possible; this idea was based upon what I was taught by others, for I had never put much effort into researching what made my education possible. The school is located in a relatively poor neighborhood, and after school one afternoon I was waiting to be picked up, when a group of 4 or 5 teenagers walked by the school. The next thing I heard is something I can never forget.

“HA, the students that go to this motherfucker walk around with 10 G’s in their back pocket!”

Perhaps the education I took for granted was denied to most children, children that would give anything to switch places with me. This is what made me realize that the notion that “America is the land of equal opportunity,” is not based on facts, but on manipulated opinions given to the general public by people who can afford to pay millions to keep their billions.

Is there a reason that America’s education system does not even rank in the top 25 in the World? Perhaps we need to realize that if this is “God’s plan,” God is not the “all loving” figure we tend to portray him as. I don’t believe in any Deity, but I doubt this could be any God’s plan. Perhaps those who use the phrase, “God gave me free will” to defend the corruption the “free” market has caused in America. Perhaps Karl Marx (Also known as Satan’s helper for some of my “Christian” readers) was correct. Perhaps there can be no “equal opportunity” when there is absolutely no equality in the education system.

America is not Charlie Scheen, despite what the media has caused most people to believe, America is not always winning. Let me be clear, America is LOSING. We are losing ground faster than ever before. It is appalling to see presidential candidates deny that they ever cared about education reform in order to gain support.

Few people know that Canada’s McGill University costs $1,900 per year, even fewer realize that it is ranked higher than 3 Ivy League schools. I am sure there are many people that will read this, and it will have no effect on their life. If I manage to have an effect on even one reader my writing will be worthwhile. I do not want to be a writer, I MUST be a writer. This is why. Thank You.


5 Responses to Children that Cannot Afford Education, Probably do not Work Hard Enough

  1. kurleekaytee says:

    I came across your blog while searching for people who share similar views about these topics, and I must say that I was shocked to see you are in highschool. Your writing makes you seem much older. Nonetheless, it is very interesting to hear about your experience. I am new to wordpress, and was looking for liberal-related blogs, since most blogs I am finding on here are about things I am not that passionate about. Nice to meet you! 🙂

    • Ethan Hill says:

      Thank you I appreciate it! I read some of your posts and I agree with much of your views as well. I appreciate the support and I wish your blog well.

      • kurleekaytee says:

        thank you! I just recently started blogging, so I’m trying to get used to this site and everything. Are you looking at colleges? I remember that being such an exciting time!

      • kurleekaytee says:

        thank you! I’m still trying to get used to this whole blog world haha! Are you looking at colleges? I remember that being such an exciting time!

  2. mistasir says:

    I just watched a documentary this morning called The Finland Phenomenon that tries to examine why the Fins have had so much success with schooling, particularly with policies that seem counter-intuitive (reduced class time, little or no testing until senior, and no homework). It makes a compelling case for a complete re-evaluation and re-interpretation of the purpose or education that many countries would do well to adopt (I’m a public high school teacher in Australia and would love if the politicisation of education stopped).

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