China’s 11.2% defense budget increase should not be a surprise

On March 4th China announced a plan that would increase military spending by more than 11%. An increase this large is extremely frightening considering the incredible amount of economic and political power the country already wields.

This move, however, can be easily  justified.

In 2008 America elected a candidate who ran as a peacemaker, as someone who hated military action and would prevent military expansion at all costs. He, Barack Obama, even received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. 

When a candidate runs as a peace time president but deploys 2,500 troops in Northern Australia, as our president did last Fall, one can only be grateful and even relieved that China only expanded by 11%.

To say that Obama is the only cause for China’s expansion would be a dangerous error on my part, and disrespectful to the president, but I do believe his precarious Asia-Pacific foreign policy decisions contributed greatly to China’s decision. I do respect the President’s foreign policy elsewhere and I believe the way he has handled the various situations that have arisen in the Middle East extremely well. It is unfortunate, but I do believe that this will be part of the GOP’s rally cry, but I would be surprised if Obama’s foreign policy harms him in the 2012 election.

If anybody would be kind enough to explain the logic behind Obama’s Asian Pacific, I would appreciate it greatly.


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