As if SOPA wasn’t pointless enough, congress now has a bill to impeach Obama

As if SOPA wasn’t pointless enough, congress now has a bill to impeach Obama

I swear, some of these bills are lobbied for by comedians in order to have constant material to poke fun at. If that theory is wrong, then we will just have to accept how low our government officials will go to get extra attention.

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10 Responses to As if SOPA wasn’t pointless enough, congress now has a bill to impeach Obama

  1. Mark Lee says:

    It is clear that, if the Republicans cannot win the White House in the fall, they will try anything to get rid of the President they hate. They will lie, distort the truth, and fabricate stories to discredit President Obama among the unthinking sheep of the Tea Party and Fundamentalists. It is frustrating to me that so many people buy into this s***.

  2. carinaragno says:

    would settle for impeachment, he should be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity

  3. I’m not sure I understand the problem. Should Obama and Panetta decide to bomb Syria solely on the basis of the UN and NATO and not get the approval of Congress, that would be an impeachable act. The power to declare war is a power given to congress, not the president. This was done so that no one person would have supreme power over war. Just look back at world history and what transpired when one person had the decision to start a war.

    I’m more dismayed we have to waste time passing a bill for this because we have a president that has stated he may decide to ignore our constitution and the role congress is given in declaring war. I don’t believe this is a “republicans can’t win” situation as it’s more a sad situation of a president with a high disregard for our constitution, forcing congress to waste time on this. But perhaps it’s our president’s intent to make congress waste time on this rather than getting things done in this country that will bring it back economically.

    • Sorry, this response was more for the poster Mark Lee than Ethan. I like Ethans comment about the comedians. I do express dismay with Congress having to do this. But I would be even more dissappointed if we had a republican president acting this way in the face of bombing Syria.

    • Mark Lee says:

      And I would say that congress has done nothing to help Americans during this presidency. Their goal as stated by Mitch McConnell was to make President Obama a one term president. As far as bombing Syria, we shouldn’t be involved. But what was said was not tha congress would be bypassed but there would be weight in the suggestions of NATO. Collaboration and then brought before congress. That is what was said. Congress is wasting, time and taxpayer monies on this crap.

      • I guess the video is doctored where Panetta specifically states they would seek international approval, then brought before congress and then they would decide whether or not they would want to get permission from the congress. (It’s that last part you have missing) I watched it several times to make sure I was hearing it correctly because yes sometimes I’m wrong and I’ll admit when I am. But it’s not Panetta or Obamas decision whether they want to get permission, it’s in the constitution.

        I think we can both agree this is a waste. However, we wouldn’t be wasting taxpayers time and money on this if Panetta had just come out and said we will follow the law of the constitution and obtain congressional approval before acting. But he didn’t. Plain and simple.

        We both agree, it’s just we disagree on what started all this waste. Just like the chicken and the egg.

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