The GOP’s quest to find the most “Christian” candidate

What is so interesting about Jesus is that he died for all people. So why is it that the more Christian people claim to be, the more they exclude other human beings?

The GOP has become  a battle slowly killing off the least Christ-like candidates. Republicans have come to the consensus that Rick Santorum is, in fact, Christ incarnate.


Perhaps because he wears Christ dust during campaigns?

The Catholic Church, HIS Catholic Church, has a set of five non-negotiable issues. Number one is abortion. If we look at his voting record he voted to fund planned parenthood, but hey,

“Sometimes you have to take one for the team.”

He has laid out a plan to increase the size of the US military.


Perhaps Jesus wants United States weapons in every country, gosh 49 countries that we don’t have command in is just way to much.

It has become clear to me that if the GOP’s goal is to truly find the most Christian candidate they must choose Ron Paul. A candidate who has never voted to fund Planned Parenthood, and actually follows Christian Just War theory.


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