HELL, the place 98% of Catholic women are going. (According to the Catholic Church.)

The first four words God said to Adam and Eve were, “Be fertile and multiply,” (Genesis 1:28) so it is not surprising to see large Christian families especially in the United States. But is it possible that having sex within marriage could be immoral?

To put the gravity of this teaching into perspective one must realize the consequence of disobeying teaching on such grave matter. The Church teaches that it is a grave sin for a marriage not to be open to life. This sin is also known as a mortal sin. If a Catholic dies in the state of mortal sin he or she has rejected God and will be punished in Hell for eternity. Thanks to this teaching I am not a Christian, just like most Christians, 98% of Catholic women use birth-control.

This is where I believe the Catholic Church crossed to line into threatening its members into making morally corrupt decisions. One must ask himself whether or not it is immoral to attempt to create a life if he is fiscally incapable of even keeping the child above poverty level. Perhaps an easier question to grasp is whether or not it is moral to adopt a child with full knowledge you will not be able to support it fiscally. I do not believe such an action would be justifiable.

Mark Twain is responsible for some of the greatest literary works ever produced in America, and one of his most famous works is the controversial Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I believe it contains the greatest moment in all of American literature. Although Huckleberry had been taught in Church that he would go to hell for eternity if he helped a slave escape from his owner, he realizes that he would rather go to hell than turn his friend, Jim, over to authorities for being an escaped slave. I do not believe that it is a coincidence that Huck is recognized as a typical American hero, after all every intelligent citizen that lives in the United States knows that slavery was the failure of mankind and, most likely, the worst injustice ever committed on American soil. In Huck’s case it is painfully obvious that he made the morally correct decision, even though it was contrary to what he had been taught was the moral decision. Let us pretend for the sake of argument that Huck had decided to turn Jim in because he was an escaped slave. Would his decision to do so be immoral? At the time he was taught his decision would damn him to eternal suffering after his death, but Christian morality has since evolved and now declares owning a human being to be worthy of eternal damnation.

I hope I have been successful in establishing a precedent in which Christian teaching was morally unjust. The Catholic Church teaches that the Pope may be infallible on matters of faith and morals. I find it appalling that any organization would claim to be free from error on matters they proclaim to be more important than life or death; Catholics believe that they will burn for and unlimited amount of time unless they follow the Church’s teachings. I do not believe that a deity could possibly give a person a moral code and punish that person if they followed that moral code.

When people realize what their church teaches they would have two choices. The first is:

The second, the one I chose, is to be moral. To reject forcing others to suffer. To write about my experiences, and bring as many people out of unnecessary suffering as possible.


6 Responses to HELL, the place 98% of Catholic women are going. (According to the Catholic Church.)

  1. Good thoughts. And I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to ad mine.

    You bring up an interesting point about the morality of bringing a life into the world that one is not fiscally responsible for. And this supports my biggest pet peeve when both adults and children create a life in which taxpayers not only end up supporting, but also having to support the parent(s). You are 100% right in saying this is immoral.

    And I think the Catholic church also recognizes this and why it finally accepted natural family planning. However, NFP is not as easy as popping a pill and takes a small amount of effort. With a society that multi-tasks and has the must have it immediately mentality, many people do not want to put in the effort it takes for NFP and therefore it is dismissed as a viable form of birth control due to it’s effort and the sometimes restraint that must be exercised.

    Also remember that when God told Adam and Eve to be fertile and multiply, there wasn’t government, welfare, poverty etc. Man was responsible for his own existence. We no longer have a society that believes one must be responsible for one’s own existence and any lives they create.

    I do find it ironic that in a society that is now pushing natural remedies, organic foods, the green conservation movement, working out, and doing things that are better for your body they dispell natural family planning for an artificially created pill to pop everyday. So maybe Catholicism has something there 🙂

    Going back to when God told Adam and Eve go forth and multiply, you must think to yourself how much this world and it’s values have changed since. But has the God who set those standards for procreation changed and evolved as the world has? Perhaps he has, perhaps not. But that is what we have to ponder and come up with an answer that is best for your own being. And Catholicism views on procreation assumes he hasn’t.

    Some of us believe in God without religion, some believe there is a God and belong to an organized religion. And some people don’t believe in God. I appreciate the fact that in regards to a God or a non-God, we can still respect one another and our beliefs.

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  3. stephenpruis says:


    I find it fascinating that people have opinions about other people’s behaviors that a) have no effect on them, and b) have no deliterious effect on anybody else. What is morality but a collection of opinions about what other people should or should not do? Religions adopt the mantle of a source of morality then condemn those who do not comply with their dictates. How can we be moral without God, they ask, ignoring the data that shows the less religious a country is, the higher their moral standards. Apparently some have figured out how to live at peace with their fellows without religious dictates made up out of whole cloth.

    Good luck with your blog!

  4. Peter says:

    Hi Ethan,

    I’m a Christian, and I have to make the comment that the church does not decide who goes to hell and who does not.

    If there is indeed a God, then he makes those decisions.

    Christians say some stupid things, but that doesn’t mean that what they say is what God says.

    “Church” is a word meaning a collection of Christian believers, it does not mean an institution, such as the Catholic, Baptist or any other Christian denomination.

    A/the Catholic church is a collection of Christians who follow the Catholic way of trying to be faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    They have got some things wrong, just as any Christian denomination has.

    I’m afraid you haven’t established a precedent that Christian teaching is morally unjust, what you’ve done is established that some of a Christian organization’s teaching is morally unjust.

    • Ethan Hill says:

      Well I do not believe that all Christian teaching is morally unjust, for example, Christian Just War theory happens to be a great teaching. If there is a God, then I would certainly hope he would be just and not damn me eternally for simply following my conscience.

      But I do believe that without Christian teaching people would be able to live much more fulfilling and happier and even moral lives.

      Thanks for commenting, and I do appreciate your input!

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