George Carlin on How to Balance the Budget

March 31, 2012

A true genius.


Growing Up Enculted – Part 2

March 31, 2012

 When Following God Becomes Immoral

          The first four words God said to Adam and Eve were, “Be fertile and multiply,” (Genesis 1:28) so it is not surprising to see large Christian families especially in the United States. But is it possible that having sex within marriage could be immoral? As early as eighth grade I was taught the Catechism’s requirements for a valid marriage; according to the Catholic Church any marriage that is not open to life is not valid. This teaching has caused tremendous suffering in my life, and I can assure you that I am not the only victim of this teaching. According to Catholic teaching my parents’ decision to have my five siblings and I was completely ethical; in fact, it was the only ethical choice they had.

            To put the gravity of this teaching into perspective one must realize the consequence of disobeying teaching on such grave matter. The Church teaches that it is a grave sin for a marriage not to be open to life. This sin is also known as a mortal sin. If a Catholic dies in the state of mortal sin he or she has rejected God and will be punished in Hell for eternity. My parents’ truly believed this and, as a result, refused to use birth control.

This is where I believe the Catholic Church crossed to line into threatening its members into making morally corrupt decisions. One must ask himself whether or not it is immoral to attempt to create a life if he is fiscally incapable of even keeping the child above poverty level. Perhaps an easier question to grasp is whether or not it is moral to adopt a child with full knowledge you will not be able to support it fiscally. I do not believe such an action would be justifiable.

Mark Twain is responsible for some of the greatest literary works ever produced in America, and one of his most famous works is

mark twain Category:Mark Twain images

the controversial Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I believe it contains the greatest moment in all of American literature. Although Huckleberry had been taught in Church that he would go to hell for eternity if he helped a slave escape from his owner, he realizes that he would rather go to hell than turn his friend, Jim, over to authorities for being an escaped slave. I do not believe that it is a coincidence that Huck is recognized as a typical American hero, after all every intelligent citizen that lives in the United States knows that slavery was the failure of mankind and, most likely, the worst injustice ever committed on American soil. In Huck’s case it is painfully obvious that he made the morally correct decision, even though it was contrary to what he had been taught was the moral decision. Let us pretend for the sake of argument that Huck had decided to turn Jim in because he was an escaped slave. Would his decision to do so be immoral? At the time he was taught his decision would damn him to eternal suffering after his death, but Christian morality has since evolved and now declares owning a human being to be worthy of eternal damnation.

I hope I have been successful in establishing a precedent in which Christian teaching was morally unjust. The Catholic Church teaches that the Pope may be infallible on matters of faith and morals. I find it appalling that any organization would claim to be free from error on matters they proclaim to be more important than life or death; Catholics believe that they will burn for and unlimited amount of time unless they follow the Church’s teachings. I do not believe that a deity could possibly give a person a moral code and punish that person if they followed that moral code.

Growing Up Enculted – Part 1

March 30, 2012

Merriam Webster’s dictionary offers a total of five definitions of the word “cult,” yet I believe the fifth comes closest to the sort of cult that has become taboo throughout most of the modern world. That fifth definition is:


“great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (as a film or book); especially : such devotion regarded as a literary or intellectual fad”

I believe that the World would indeed be closer to utopia if Christianity, particularly Catholicism which I was so ardently subjected to by my parents, was included in the taboo that is often given to what most people would call a “cult.” I am; however, not the first to point this out. Many intellectual men have made similar observations in the past, but I do hope that Catholics will be willing to listen to reasons I will give to explain why I believe my personhood was violated by their religion.

This book is not a collection of clever contradictions that an open-minded reader could easily find if they were to read the Bible.

Christian Bible, rosary, and crucifix.

Christian Bible, rosary, and crucifix. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I believe that would be a waste of the great position I, a sixteen year old boy, have been put in to expose what I consider to be the incredible, often overlooked, impact Christianity has had on children. If it is, in fact, contradictions and laughs you are seeking I suggest you search online for biblical contradictions. Once you are finished with those I urge you to come back and examine my take on the suffering that has been caused by Christianity. This book is meant to be a serious look into serious harms inflicted on children and humanity as a whole.

I would also like to offer something many people seem to think atheists are incapable of giving. The offer I extend is an apology. That apology is available to anyone who may be made to appear inferior throughout the course of this book. I do not want Christians to be looked upon as a plague of moral corruption upon the earth. There are many Catholics that are completely unaware that the Church they so eagerly make donations to, travels to the continent most ravaged by AIDS and tells the inhabitants that condoms warrant eternal damnation. I do not think that supporting an organization out of ignorance is evil, if I did I would have no reason to write this book. I believe the more educated to people are on the subject of Christianity’s shortcomings the more likely they will be to make morally correct decisions regarding the religion.

There is already an incredibly large amount of books dedicated to disproving god; this book is not written with that intent. I am a sophomore, not a college graduate, and I do not believe I am fit to write on such a complicated subject. A Christian not willing to read this book cannot give the excuse that this book is written by someone trying to disprove god, because I am merely offering knowledge that I have accumulated on the subject of Christianity’s effect on a child’s upbringing.


This is part one of the series I call “Growing Up Enculted.” I may end up publishing it so enjoy!


The Importance of Love

March 30, 2012

I am the eldest  of six children. My youngest sibling was born in the Fall of my Freshman year with a malformed heart and Williams’ syndrome, causing her to spend the next five months in the hospital. Being the oldest I was told it was my responsibility to take on the role of a single parent and take care of my four other siblings. During these five months the only breaks from “parenting” I received

Michaela Rose Hill, my beautiful sister.

were when I was at school, yet my education was hindered by stress, anger, and depression.

Such a situation brought me to the realization that helping others was my calling in life. I have just added a sidebar widget powered by SocialVibe that allows you to help support families in situations similar to the one that I went through. I strongly encourage checking the site out to help children and families in need of support.

Link to her Caring Bridge site:

Are You Going to Bite Little Doggy?

March 30, 2012

With the 2012 presidential election around the corner, many American’s try to figure out what they have missed in the last four years. Of course, there will be many on the Right who believe Obama has taxed this country into oblivion. They will  believe that Obama alone is responsible for the rising gas prices. So the question remains, what has Obama done?

Logotipo da campanha de Barack Obama

Logotipo da campanha de Barack Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obama has actually cut taxes. Sure this helps keep American wallets a little bit fatter, but I would rather see taxes raised. Bill Maher,


taxes (Photo credit: 401K)

although he donated $1,000,000 to Obama’s re-election efforts, has been very critical of some of Obama’s decisions. Maher argued that this country needs a 3rd party, a real leftist party. I support a nationalized health care system, but I do not support a health care system that no one contributes to.

Part of the Social Contract that must be present in a socialized system must include requirements an individual must meet to be taken care of by society. It is not enough to be entitled to benefits because you were born in America.

So do I agree with the Right? Yes.

The solution, however, is not to throw out healthcare. It is to require something in exchange for healthcare.

So Obama, stop barking. Bite.

Alternative Energy May Lead to Nuclear War

March 29, 2012

Yes, I love to environment. Yes, I would like to move to clean energy, yet considering the unrest in the Middle East I don’t think that reducing the need for their number one export is such a great idea.

It is scary to think of America being “energy dependent” on unstable countries, but are those same countries dependent on American

Traditional definition of the Middle East G8 d...

consumers. A typical environmentalist will warn of the massive amount of oil that the U.S. uses everyday, but I may be more concerned about the Middle East falling into more chaos than it is already present.

As a former Libertarian, I still have much faith in the free market, but reducing the demand in America for such an important part of these countries’ economies harms international trade considerably.

Please comment if this theory is misguided in any way, or if  you have any additional information to add to this scenario.



America’s Energy Future Must Be Nuclear (And its Clean too)

March 28, 2012

It seems as though the GOP has come to the consensus that environmentalists are no more than tree hugging, oil hating, windmill builders that have come to take away jobs, and that anything that comes out of their mouths can be disregarded. Many conservatives do not realize that clean energy is not limited to algae. There is a source of energy more efficient than solar power, wind power, algae,and natural gas combined, and it happens to be nuclear.

Natural Gas Usage


Instead of complaining about gas being $4 a gallon I believe a push to expand the number of America’s nuclear power plants. I believe it would, or at least should, be an area in which both parties agree on. Also, did I mention that Bill Gates is a strong supporter of the future of nuclear power?

wind power

wind power (Photo credit: twicepix)

Thankfully the movement towards nuclear energy is finally starting to pick up, although I do not know much about the negative impacts this brings. If anybody has any information regarding this type of energy I strongly encourage you to help inform me!